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our  priority

About us:
Grupo Read is a group of family businesses with a history of more than 90 years offering the highest quality health services to Dominicans.
Within its services, it includes  Primary care area and specialized in Family Medical Point. Similarly, it covers in the area  of dentistry all the needs of their patients in more than 6  specialties with Oral Health.
Through your Administrator  Pharmaceutical Benefits, Farmacard, provides its customers with the  transactions between your ARS and your Pharmacy, verify your coverage and  streamlines the process with the effectiveness of your systems.
What's more,  We offer 24/7 services with our ambulance company in services of  emergencies and pre-hospital medicine, Promed, which has obtained  recognition for their constant presence and hard work on a day-to-day basis.  We also offer in Hemotherapy, clinical laboratory services and bank of  blood. Also covering the specialized medicine area with professionals  in gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, among other areas in our center of
specialized medicine Dominican Medical Network.
¿Quiénes somos?
Filosofía Empresarial

Business philosophy

To be the most transcendental and decisive group of companies dedicated to providing multidisciplinary service solutions where quality of life is the most important.
With a view to the full growth of human and technological value  and infrastructure.
+ Innovation
+ Quality of life
+ Security
+ Growth
+ Social Responsibility
Innovation: Use technological advances and cutting-edge equipment in each field of performance in our companies.

Quality of life: Our main value and guide,

Security: Cultivate trust and security with actions in the service provided.


Growth: With a view to developing human value, infrastructure and integrated services, we guarantee an increase in the quality of life and satisfaction of our clients.

Social Responsibility: We assume our corporate commitment to continue being a social entity that contributes significantly to Dominican society.


social responsability


As a group we focus on contributing to Dominican society, providing solutions to  problems faced in different areas of the health sector and directly affect our population. Our north is to promote and make preventive health methods more affordable every day, to guarantee the well-being of the Dominican people. This process is  enriched  for the services of each of our companies.

It is a commitment that we assume with Dominican society, projecting ourselves  to be highly valuable collaborating entities.

Responsabilidad Social
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