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Santo Domingo Ophthalmology Clinic

(809) 338-9988

The Santo Domingo Ophthalmology Clinic provides cutting-edge care to visual health, taking care of everything from optical services to the most complex ophthalmological surgeries.

Santo Domingo Ophthalmology Clinic offers:  

  • Capitated Ophthalmology Plans, VISUAL CARD Plan and TVO Plan.
    Lens service and optics in general Capitated

  • Optical risk assessment  occupational and advice on conditioning of work areas

  • Operative  visual health in situ, either at the contractor's facilities or using our mobile unit.

Hours of Service:


Monday to Friday:

8:45 am. to  6:00 pm.



9:00 am. to  1:00 pm.

Desiderio Arias Street 13, La Julia
Santo Domingo


(809) 532-6004
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